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Nature's camouflage

The tree that this cavity burrow is in is located in the front yard of a home close to where I live. The tree is only 2ft from the sidewalk leading to a front door and 10 ft from the house itself. Nature has provided this species with some excellent camouflage and they know how to use it. While she was perched at the entrance of the burrow, I watched this female fluff her feathers so that they extended beyond the edge of the tree's bark. Then she moved backward so her feathers fanned outward against the bark of the tree, filling in most of the gaps between her and the tree, and allowing her to blend in. --

Published in Sierra Magazine May/June edition

Published in National Wildlife Magazine May/June edition

Audubon Photography award - Top 100 of 2016 http://www.audubon.org/magazine/may-june-2016/the-2016-audubon-photography-awards-top-100

Viewbug Camouflage Subject photo contest winner - https://www.viewbug.com/contests/camouflaged-subjects-photo-contest

Chosen for the 2018 Peregrine fund Calendar (October)

National Wildlife's 2017 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Made short list (finalist) Windland Smith Rice in 2016

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